Our Story

We are (slightly obsessive) foodies who are also fascinated by health – and let’s be honest – we really want to look as good as we feel too. We realised that everything we loved to eat involved white carbs in the form of pasta or noodles – even swopping white carbs for wholegrains didn’t seem to make any difference to our health.

Once we’d carefully studied all the health literature for well over a year, we became convinced that eating lower carb in a more ‘primal’ or ‘ancestral’ way – to keep our insulin levels low – was the way to go. So, we wanted to find a lower carb, way of eating ‘real’, gluten-free food that didn’t take away from our pleasure in eating. After experimenting with vegetables as a base for Italian and Asian food, we realised that the deliciousness comes from the sauce. Then, we were very excited to discover spiralizing as an effective way of replacing diet-spoiling carbohydrates with nutrient-dense vegetables – and to enable a healthier way of eating without sacrificing flavor, or feeling full. It’s our passion to share our experience and hope it can help others optimize their health too.

We find that spiralizing adds to our diet, rather than simply giving something up. It’s an easy, fun way of eating more nutrient-dense veggies, getting our ‘10-a-day’ (forget about just 5!) without compromising on deliciousness.

Of course we are all individual, but we immediately noticed that when we replaced wheat-based pasta and noodles with spiralized vegetables, any niggling digestive issues we had, like bloating, went away.

When we first discovered spiralizing we went out and bought a large machine, but found it was cumbersome to store and clean for everyday use in a small kitchen. We value simplicity and it’s our handheld Primal Spiralizer – essentially a giant pencil sharpener for vegetables – that’s our go-to kitchen device every day. It’s super-convenient, effortless to use, easy to clean – and it tucks away in the smallest of drawers when not in use.